How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Sanctuary


The bedroom was created to serve as a place to unwind and connect with your lover. Though it may serve its initial purpose at first, over time, it turns into a multifunctional room. Many of us end up using it as a place to work on personal projects, store our clutter, watch TV, and other un-romantic activities. Giving your bedroom the attention it needs sets up the perfect foundation for every balanced, romantic relationship. Listed below are some romantic bedroom ideas for her:

1) De-clutter your room. Before you can even think about re-decorating your room, make sure you get rid of all the junk that’s piled up in your bedroom. A cluttered room does not spell romantic.

2) Make your bedroom a project-free zone. This includes any chores, side projects or work related matters. Your bedroom cannot be a place to relax with your lover if you’re surrounded by projects.

3) Get rid of all technology. Make sure to keep your TV and computers out of your bedroom. Turn off or silence your cell phones to give your her your full attention.

4) Invest in nice sheets and pillows. We spend much of our time decorating our living rooms and kitchens to entertain our guests, and we should show the same effort with our beds for our partners. A nicely decorated bed will show her just how much you care.

5) Lastly, set the mood. Add the finishing touches by adding some candles or plug-in fragrances to your room. Scents are closely tied to romance and setting up memories for you and your lover for years to come.